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It seems Microsoft has finally extended its friendship to one of its biggest rivals, Apple. Recently, the company has released an updated version of its much talked SkyDrive application for iPhone with support for automatic image upload. Only Windows phone users had the privilege to use this feature previously. But, the scenario has completely changed as Microsoft let the air pass through its windows. Further rumor suggests that Microsoft is looking forward to imply SkyDrive in all the major Android phones in the market. Evidently, this planning will come to reality if iPhone users get some real help with SkyDrive.

How does SkyDrive work?

This application is not set as a default uploading feature in the iPhone. One needs to turn it on manually after it is being installed on the iPhone. As a user, you can capture the images by using the default iPhone camera application and then wait for the time when those photos are being uploaded automatically. You have the chance to upload your video to Microsoft’s cloud following the same way. As this process is unstoppable, users have to be very careful about what picture they are capturing because this app directly takes the captured image or video to the cloud without any queries or permission.

Extra features

This application includes some more beneficial features that can prove to be beneficial for the users.

Firstly, while uploading the image in Microsoft cloud, this app fetches the text portion of the image, if there is any by using OCR. That text is automatically linked with the image search option, so that if anyone tries to find out the photo out of the cloud pool, he/she can get it by typing the text in the search box on the phone. An example will make things more clear. Suppose you clicked an image of shoes and the word ‘shoe’ is somewhere written within the frame. This app will automatically fetch the text and add the image to the Microsoft cloud by naming it ‘shoe’. Afterwards, whenever you need to see the image, you may type ‘shoe’ on the search box and get the image directly.
Though SkyDrive provides enormous storage capacity for the users, still you may run out of space after a long run. This app is equipped with an advantageous feature that helps the users to save space without any effort. One can easily enable the automatic resize feature embedded in the app which can automatically resize the images and then upload it in the cloud. This will help the user to keep the space open for more uploads.


As the tendency of a cloud storage system is in a rising condition, SkyDrive has to face direct competition from other apps having more or less similar features. Microsoft owned poses a big competition to SkyDrive because it provides enormous space capacity to the users. Other than this Yahoo’s Flickr is also a very popular image storage place which is a great threat to SkyDrive. Google Box, DropBox are some other applications that can beat SkyDrive if Microsoft does not update it with other beneficial features. So, before integrating this app to other Android phones in the market, Microsoft needs to update this application with some unbeatable exclusive features immediately.

However, Microsoft has implied some features to the SkyDrive iPhone version. Especially, if you mostly work on Office, the benefits will be yours. SkyDrive allows any selected document to get opened on OneNote as well as Office Mobile directly. This app has neglected the existence of any viewer that used to act as a helper in opening any document file. Security codes are also accepted by the iPhones that has SkyDrive in it. This amalgamation has enhanced various scopes of mutual projects in future. This is not only beneficial for business, but it is also capable of spreading a positive note among the users. People literally got bored with the rivalry and so called competition. All they search for being something new and that too in a budget friendly way. Surely, such initiatives will surprise the users and make them more tech-savvy in every way.

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