camera of Nexus 5 will get a makeover with Android 4.4.1
Few years back, a camera was merely an added feature to a mobile. But, along with the time the definitions and the need of mobile users grew up gradually. Today, those who own an expensive smartphone, want to quench their thirst of photography with it. They want to use their smartphone as a device for full fledged multiplicity and if they don’t get that, soon they shift to another with better features. Google seems to be very careful as well as objective with this pledge of users. It is about to provide the feel of DSLR photography via their smartphone Nexus 5 by integrating Android 4.4.1 which will boost the camera experience to a new level.

Nexus 5 will earn its share

It has been only five weeks Google Nexus 5 is being introduced in the market with Android version 4.4 Kitkat, which was a completely new experience for the consumers. And now, within no time Google is all set to upgrade it for further betterment. The company is trying to make its camera much more controllable than before. Right now, the camera features of the Nexus 5 are shaded with many layers in it. With this new version of Android Google is ensuring the photographic experience to be less complicated, smoother and impressive. As Dave Burke, Google’s Director of Engineering for Android, has declared, “If you have a smartphone, people want it to take pictures like a DSLR. Even in one year the quality bar and expectation bar has gone up higher and higher. Internally, ours have too. I think we can do better, and we are.” Google strongly believes in this way Nexus 5 will definitely earn its share to become the best available Android phone in the market.

The Prime Change

The first drastic change can be seen in the images captured in low light or in movement. The autofocus, white balance, exposure and the shutter speed has been adjusted by this updated Android version so well that there will be no place for average image quality. The rate of framing a visual has been increased so that the camera can detect the surrounding and capture the moment as fast as the user may want. The camera of Nexus 5 will be able to capture not only images like all the other smartphone cameras do; the focus on detail, clarity, stability and other related things will be emphasized than ever. In a nutshell, this camera will be capable of capturing moments and make it qualified to be seen as what we call ‘photography’.

Improved Shutter Speed can be compared to Gun Shot

Users will find a progress indicator in the HDR+ mode of camera function as well. This indicator will make the approach more straightforward than before. As per the report of ‘The Verge’, they have spent only one day dealing with this updated version and the difference becomes crystal clear to them. Speed is obviously the main focus of this whole update strategy. The camera is so fast and improved that one never has to waste a single shot in struggling to bring any image into focus. The shutter speed is just like a shot of the bullet. If you are a good shooter, your bullet can never ever miss the target. Similarly, if the user knows his/her subject the shutter will drag the exact image on your phone within fraction of seconds.

Burke also claimed, “We just wanted to make photos pop a little more”. This little ‘pop’ supposedly makes a big deal of difference in the image quality. The images will be auto-contrasted and colored a bit vibrantly. This will wipe out the unnecessary dullness of the image immediately. An extra layer of the color orange and red will be seen in the images, but obviously keeping the natural tone. The two colors will make the images lively and articulated than that of others. However, Burke declared that this is just the beginning. He claimed, that more detailing and clarity is needed and the team is working hard to make the camera function of Nexus 5 unbeatable. By witnessing the progress rate of Google, it can be expected that the company will soon come with a box full of surprises. Hopefully, the day is not far away.

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